Tree Removal With Care

Proper tree removal is not only important for preserving the aesthetics of the home, but it is also critical to the health of the land surrounding the tree. It takes a trained, knowledgeable expert to fully understand how to properly excavate a tree, and we at CLICK Landscape Inc. we pride ourselves in offering just that- expert service for tree removal and other landscaping needs in the Walpole area.

We do not just remove trees. We consult with you to gain a full understanding of the project at hand and develop a plan of action to accomplish the task most efficiently. We take into consideration the full landscape and make sure that the trees that are removed are done in a manner that has the least amount of negative impact as possible.

Benefits of Proper Removal

When weighing the possible options for removing tress from your yard, there are a few things that you should consider. While you can do it yourself, there are several different benefits that come with utilizing a professional company. In general, a specialist will be experienced in handling different types of trees and will be aware of specific processes that may be needed to safely and fully extract a tree. There are a few other benefits to utilizing a professional service:

  • pay one set cost (rather than paying separately for supplies, hauling, etc.)
  • professional grade machinery that can achieve the job quickly
  • combine with additional landscaping services

All in all, utilizing a professional service can save you time, money and effort. It can also help to set up your landscape to thrive in the upcoming months and seasons. Considering this, it is clear to see why professional tree removal and landscaping would be a wise investment.

Signs It’s Time for Your Tree to Be Removed

There are few things better than a mature, majestic tree on your Walpole residential or commercial property serving as a focal point for your landscape. Unfortunately, these trees don’t just provide some very necessary shade when summer weather rolls in. These trees can also pose a risk to your home or business, especially if they have caught a disease in their old age or have lost some of their strength thanks to an invasion of wood-boring pests. In the event that a tree on your Walpole property has become a hazard, the only thing you can do is get it removed by the team at CLICK Landscape Inc. Not only do we have all the necessary experience and equipment to remove a tree with the utmost safety, we can also do it at an affordable rate.

The only trouble is, how do you if your tree needs to go? Well, the single best way to know if your tree needs to be removed is to call (508) 698-4900 and speak with the team at CLICK Landscape Inc. When you have removed as many trees as we have throughout the Walpole area, you can easily identify whether or not a tree needs to go. Of course, this then raises the question of when you should call CLICK Landscape Inc. to say for sure whether the tree needs to be removed.

Here are the things you should be looking for to know whether or not you should call us and ask about our tree removal services.

Fifty percent or more of the tree is damaged. Trees are tough. They can handle all kinds of damage, but even the biggest, strongest tree has its limits. If more than half the tree is damaged, it should be removed because it is highly unlikely that the tree makes a recovery.

The tree is leaning. If your once vertical tree has started leaning to one side, it could mean the roots have weakened or broken. Take a minute to see what the tree is leaning towards. Your home? Your neighbor’s property? Your car? Depending on how severe the angle is and what lies in the tree’s path, tree removal is essential.

The tree is below power lines. Trees that grow under power lines must be thinned regularly but after a certain point it’s just good sense to get it removed. After all, you don’t want your tree to be the reason why you are forced to go without electricity for a number of days. A tree that’s close to power lines is an accident waiting to happen.

The tree has outgrown its space. Trees continue to grow throughout their lives. So, you may have planted a tree in an excellent spot when it was still a sapling, but once it’s started to expand and pose a threat to more important elements of your home or business, it’s time to get it removed.

Still not sure if your tree needs to be removed? Just give us a call today and we will be glad to take a closer, informed look at it.

Client-Centered Service

Not only do we care about the trees that we handle, we are also dedicated to providing excellent client services. We understand that it goes beyond offering landscaping. Proper customer care is the corner stone of any successful business. At CLICK Landscape Inc. you will be treated with respect and as a partner in the completion of your project. Your satisfaction is our objective and we will not stop until that goal is met.

To help ensure that you have an exceptional client experience, our helpful representatives are there with you every step of the way, from scheduling your consultation all the way to the completion of your project. You deserve a yard that you can be proud of and it is our passion to make your dream a reality.

Call to Action

There are many different options for tree removal in the Walpole area; however, not every service provider offers the same quality of service. At CLICK Landscape Inc. we are driven by passion for landscaping and proving exceptional service. Not only are we experienced in various aspects of landscaping, but we also stay knowledgeable of best practices and innovative excavation methods, so that we may provide the best service possible. This is confirmed by the numerous satisfied clients that we have been able to secure.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business. For a consultation, contact us today via phone or the contact form.