Getting the Best Landscape From CLICK Landscape Inc.

If you are seeking landscape construction in Walpole, look no further than CLICK Landscape Inc.. We are one of the leading companies, dedicated to providing the best installation and maintenance services. You have a vision for how you want to transform your home, and we are ready to work alongside you to make that vision a reality. We can handle every step in the process, from design and planning to landscaping and irrigation installation to ongoing maintenance. Make the right call and give your property real beauty.

Impressive Walpole Landscaping

Landscape construction is our specialty, so we always start here. We believe that adding the right plant life is the best way to make a home shine. The possibilities are endless, but we pride ourselves in being masters of crafting your landscape in just the right way. You have a unique vision and want to create a specific feeling in your environment, and we can make that happen. Whether you are looking for a calm and serene garden or modern or minimalist designs, CLICK Landscape Inc. is up to the challenge, ready to tackle your landscape job.

Irrigation Systems

While the landscaping is most important, the irrigation serves the landscaping. The new environment we create for you needs to be maintained through watering. We can fine tune your irrigation system to be as unique as the landscape we install. An intuitive system will have sprinklers in the most important locations, providing the right amount of water depending on what kinds of plants you are planning for each area. Or if you are looking to install a water feature, we can handle that as well. Whether you are planning on using your water system to keep your plants vibrant or add a refreshing aesthetic flare, we can handle whatever irrigation services you need.


After our landscape installation is complete, it is only natural that the effect of a new environment will begin to fade. Our maintenance services will preserve that feeling of a brand new upgrade. We are the ones that installed it, so we know exactly how to maintain it. If you are just looking for maintenance services for your existing landscaping, we can help you as well. Working with plant life has made us experts, so we up keeping your garden is no problem for us.

It All Starts With Design

We believe that a firm foundation lets your project really take off. That is why we prioritize the design stage of the process. We will come take a look at your property, learn what you are hoping for, and work with you to figure out how we can get there. We will determine which of our services you should take advantage of, such as:

  • • Residential landscape installation
  • • Irrigation installation
  • • Hardscape
  • • Decorative structures
  • • Maintenance

Once we have figured out exactly what the best plan is to create your vision, we can get started strong.

Beautiful Hardscapes

When the CLICK Landscape Inc. team talks about landscape construction, know that there are generally two categories we work within: hardscapes and softscapes. If you don’t have any experience working with a landscaping company, you might assume that landscaping is limited to the plant life on your commercial or residential property in the Walpole area. There is no question that plant selection, curation, installation and maintenance is a huge part of our jobs, but there is a lot more at play than just the plants in any given landscape.

Within a landscape, materials like wood fencing, stone pavers and even sometimes plastics can be used to build complementary features known as hardscapes. Anything involving plant and other organic material is considered to be a softscape. Both categories are essential to creating a beautiful landscape that is the envy of the entire neighborhood. And, lucky for you, CLICK Landscape Inc. excels at the construction of both categories.

Hardscape Ideas

There are plenty of hardscaping options that we often meet clients who are torn with indecision. Ultimately, it’s no big deal since our team has the necessary skills and to build whatever you want out of concrete, brick, stone, wood or metal. Review some of the more popular hardscape features we have made for commercial and residential clients in the Walpole area below.

Retaining Walls. Retaining walls are sometimes thought of as a utilitarian feature to hold back soil, but they can be so much more. They can serve as a way of highlighting flower beds or to define a patio space for an esthetically incomparable outdoor living area.

Patios. If your Walpole home doesn’t have an outdoor living area, adding a patio to the landscape easily gives it a new lease on life. There are a variety of different patio designs we can build, each one guaranteed to be beautiful, durable and well-constructed. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll have a look at the size, shape and style of patio that best suits your needs.

Walkways. A great hardscaping option for both residential and commercial clients, walkways do wonders to create a mood or atmosphere in practically any landscape. Whether you are looking to add straight connections to the various areas of your property or invite people to take reflective strolls on paved paths that curve and meander to their intended destinations, overlooking the important role a walkway plays is something that you won’t live down lightly.

Water features. Most tend to be surprised when they learn water features are considered to be a part of hardscapes, but they are! Water features are a key element in any yard, creating an unforgettable focal point and peaceful, meditative atmosphere. Whether you want to go all out and create a miniature waterfall that cascades into a koi pond full of fish or you simply need help choosing a small fountain or birdbath that works with your landscape’s esthetic and your budget, just us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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